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The world of video games has increased greatly in scope in recent years. The capabilities of hardware and software have grown incredibly along with the variety of games that you can play. Compare an older game platform with a modern one and you will easily see the difference.Anyone who has been a gamer for several years will have noticed how much the video gaming world has expanded. Improved hardware and software combined with the power of the internet has made it possible to create virtual worlds where gamers can live in the guise of a virtual character that they create and control. By making more games available at a lower price, wholesale video games will expand this universe even more.If you are not that interested in buying the latest games on the market, but are more interested in buying several older ones at once, then buying wholesale video games will appeal to you. You may even be able to make money to pay for your gaming habit by buying the games wholesale and then reselling them online to make a profit.Purchasing wholesale video games is a great way to get a lot of gaming pleasure from a small amount of money. Buying them in quantity gets you a lot of games for a lower investment than you would get if you bought them one at a time at retail cost.Those people that are playing those games in this fashion, when you don’t have the latest game it is alright because by the time their finished playing the game before, the newest games are not the newest anymore. This is very true for sports games that come out every year. The current year will be out of date by the time your ready to play the game if you take your time trying to finish the previous year.Online playing has changed video games, even the re-playability of the games. There are always new challengers and new challenges out there with the online gaming system, which furthers the amount of time a player will continue playing a game. This continues the argument for continuing to play the online games you purchased at a cheaper price that will save you money in the end and buying wholesale video games.

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Online video game rental. What is it and why should you use it? That is the most popular question when this topic comes up. To rent or not to rent, that is the question. Some people say that you shouldn’t use it.. Some people swear buy it. There are numerous questions about the subject beginning with the obvious… What is online video game rental?Online video game rental is exactly what the phrase implies. You want a video game but your funds are limited. (especially in today’s environment…). This leads you to the online video game rental service. You find out what it is all about. You like what you read. You then go to the website and become a member. When you rent video games from a reputable online video game store, this store should offer at a minimum:no late fees, an impressive library of old and new games covering all available console systems, and a return policy. With the service you will be given access to an impressive library of every video game that you can think of, plus some that you didn’t know about. Now that you know what it is, let’s list the pro’s and con’s of the service.The pro’s are obvious. Every video game for every current video game system. Low monthly payments. And no late fee’s.The con’s are a little more complicated. You first have to decide if this service is perfect for you and your situation. By situation I mean that the online video game rental service only works for those that are in a certain stage of life with regard to income and patience.First of all, this service is perfect if you are an old school gamer like myself. I have been playing video games since PONG! and the only thing that has changed are my pockets. They are not as full as they were when I was a teenager with no bills. I’m married with kids, have bought a house and vehicles. Not to mention 2 jobs just to make ends meet. This is the perfect situation for the online video game rental service. If you are in this situation then you will know what I’m talking about.You are an old school gamer if you still enjoy the occasional video game to relax after a hard day’s work. Just because you are married with kids now doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy your games. That’s the cool thing about this service, you can still be a loving parent and spouse and still satisfy your love for video games! A lot of the arguments against the service will say that their biggest gripe is waiting for the game to be delivered via conventional mail to their house.Why wait for 2 days for a game when I MIGHT(I say might because it depends on the popularity of the game.) be able to get the same game in the retail stores the same day? The answer is this: When you are a busy working adult that has a wife and kids and a mortgage and a car payment and not sitting at home waiting for the game, then 1 or 2 days waiting for the game is not a long time at all! To me, the online video game rental service is perfect also because of the money I’m saving.The average video game now is 60 bucks. That’s 60 hard earned bucks in this uneasy economy! That’s just for one game. If two or more games are coming out the same month, that’s 120 to 180 bucks a month! With the online video game rental service you will be charged a minimum of $15.95 a month! You do the math! 120 to 180 a month or $15.95 a month! It seems like a no-brainer to me. Do yourself a favor and sign up for this service. You won’t be disappointed!

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It’s not easy to find a position for a video game tester but it’s very possible. If you want to get a video game tester, you need to position yourself very well. What do I mean by this? Video game testing is unlike playing video games for fun. And it doesn’t mean that as a gamer like you; you are not qualified for the job, but you need to bear in mind that testing games require how well you are able to detect bugs. I have arranged some steps I think you can use to find a place where a video game tester is needed.Get In Touch
Video game tester jobs are not easy to find on magazines, websites or even classified sections of newspapers. You need to approach those video game producers and show that what you can offer. If you live in one of the big cities, you can make time to visit video game producers like Microsoft Xbox, Code Masters, Sony, Nintendo and the rest of others, and prove to them that you could make a good testing job. Tell them how many games you’ve played, the ones you own and anything convincing to make them give you a testing job. If you have friends that work in video game companies, it’s another alternative you can use to get a testing job.Most video game companies have offices in big cities and have friends that were able to get a video game testing job through this approach. Some video game companies display their ads on its website when a tester is needed, it’s your responsibility as one who is hungry for a testing job to find those ads, read them and make proper use of them to get what you need. Hopefully, you might get a video game testing job. Most public video game testing is done at home, so always check your mail to see whether you’ve got any testing job. When the games get to you, take time to read through the instructions that came with it and memorize them very well in order to get the best out of what its expected of you. Remember that your main role as a video game tester is discover bugs and file your report, so test the games over and over again. Video game producers are not really gamers, so they believe the best people for the job are gamers. Test the games over and over again until you are satisfied with the results, send your feedback to the company that assigned you the games to test.Bear in mind that time factor is very important, so don’t waste time testing the games. After submitting your first assignment, you relax and wait for your checks at the mail. Expect more testing jobs and deliver as soon as possible. Reputation is built over time, the more you impress the company with your services, the more you build your reputation. The pay for a video game testing is very attractive, you should expect to earn $20-$50 per hour or $150 per day depending on the amount of hours you spend testing the games, that’s a huge sum of money when and even more when capitalized on a monthly basis.