Research Studies Prove That Video Games Do Have an Influence on Gamers |

There have been several research studies done in the past to determine if video games are affecting the children that are playing them, but none of these studies have been proven what they initially set out to prove until now.For the past nine years the National Institute of Media and Family have been conducting research studies to find out how video games are influencing the children that are playing them. The results of these research studies have been extremely shocking, but it these results have been well documented as well. Parents and adults alike need to be well aware of the results of these research findings so that they can make their very own conclusion.Through all the research studies that have been completed it is no wonder that parents are getting mixed feelings about how video games are affecting their children. These video games have an industry rating that are suppose to warn parents about the content included within them, but do these ratings tell parents everything that they really need to know about these video games. All the video game industry is telling parents is to pay close attention to the ratings, but they deny any type of harmful effects the video games themselves may have on children.Brain research studies have shown that violent video games can actually activate the anger center within a child’s brain, which can affect the behavior of the child. These research studies have even shown that while the child is playing video games their brain can grow in spurts that will actually affect the impact of wiring of the child’s brain. This wiring affects the child’s self-control, relationships, and responsibilities that may affect them way up into their adulthood.This does not mean that every single child that plays a violent video game will have aggressive behavior, but it does mean that these games can affect their behavior. The results of these research studies show that video games can teach children skills, but they also show that these video games will affect the behavior as well. It can be said that video games are simply natural teachers simply because they are so powerful due to the fact that children are finding them stimulating and motivating. Video games offer children the repeated practice at necessary problem solving skills and they provide the children with rewards for the achievement in these successful skills.Violence in video games is considered to be when the characters within the video game are intentionally harm other characters. The results of these research studies have shown that playing violent video games can lead to increased physiological arousal, increased aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and a decrease in social helping behaviors. These research studies also proved that there was a direct relationship between long-term game play and aggressive behavior toward the real world, and that these aggressive behaviors are being demonstrated by children subtly.Parents have an even more important role to play with their children that are playing these violent video games by limited the amount of time their children are allowed to play. Parents also need to pay closer attention to the industry ratings that are given on video games so ensure they understand the content within these video games. Parents need to realize that when children play violent video games for hours every day, then their child pay start showing a decrease in school performance as well as the feared increase in aggressive behavior.