Online Video Game Rental 101 |

With the average video game console costing upright to the 300 dollar level and each game average about 60 dollar, its easy to see why people are going to rent instead of buying games. There are definitely pros and cons in renting video games and I will list them here for your consideration, because at the end, you are the customer and you have the right to choose. Now on to the Pros of video game rentals:Pros:
– Many online video rentals offer tons of new games, even those titles that have just been released.
– Deliveries are always fast, usually a bit within a week of your order.
– There are usually no late fees for any games and all can be kept for as long as you like.
– After a few months, used games are offer to the players or renter for a discount price, which is much cheaper than how much you would pay at any video game storefront or retail store location.
– There are always good customer services to help with your problem, any problem with the shipping of your games or just a problem with the game itself.
– Membership is much cheaper than what you would expect to pay from a regular storefront rental store.
– Some online rental stores even offer instruction, review and cheats for your gaming pleasure.
– Rebates and special offers are always being offer by online rental sites.And now prepare for the Cons:- If you are not a regular gamer and don’t usually rent more than 1-2 games a month, then you could be wasting your money, so just make sure you know how many games you’ll be able to rent for a month before signing up. You might even consider a month to month contract plan if you are busy during certain time of the year.- Some sites charge you a fee even if you do not rent any games, make good use of your membership or else even a good discount contract won’t save you much.- The wait time for a video game to come through is sometimes too long for some people, If you suddenly have the urge to play a game, you might have to wait up to 3 days for the online rental game to come but it is a different story with storefront rentals.So here we have it, the pros and cons of video game rentals, and if you have decided to go on and try online video game rental service, here are a few tips–Find a rental site that offer the game for your specific console, not all rental site offer games for all consoles.
-Each plans for these rental site is different, consider how much free time you have before choosing a plan because that could possibly save you a lot of money in the end.
-Before finally choosing a rental site, check if they have free trials, if they do, that’s great! and it’ll allow you to have a feel on how long the shipping time is.