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The ultimate PC video games of 2008 give incredible graphics which are equal to or even superior to those of gaming systems. Here are the ones considered the top ten for 2008: Crysis, EVE Online, City of Heroes, Guild Wars, DEFCON, Command & Conquer 3, Call of Duty 4, Battlefield 2142, The Sims2, and Sins of a Solar Empire. Considering that several of these can be purchased for regular gaming systems, the majority of people think that the quality on a PC version is unparalleled.Your computer’s overall performance, along with the performance of your video card, will ultimately determine the high quality of the best PC video games 2008, meaning that even though the game is designed a certain way for everyone, if your personal computer doesn’t have a fast efficient video card, you will find that your graphics are not as good as the next guy’s.A lot of the top PC video games of 2008 allow you the opportunity to compete online with others. This provides you the chance to create teams and make new friends with real people as you play. For instance, with the game Call of Duty 4, you’ll discover teams playing online with one another any time of day, and some even opt to make servers of their own. These games have practically limitless possibilities.The myth of Pc based video games not being as exciting as owning a gaming system has been abolished over the past couple of years due to the great improvements with our technology. The only disadvantage to playing some of these games online is other players have the ability to ban you from certain rooms.Buying video games should be based on your personal preference not how many sales that particular game has had. There are many customer reviews that are available online that can help guide you through the process of deciding if the game is right for you. These reviews generally tell you all of the pros and cons of the game.In the past couple of months there have been more people buying video games whether it be for personal use, or as a gift. If you are going to buy one as a gift you should compile a list of what the individual already has so you ensure you don’t give them a duplicate copy.